C2C (Cart to Customer)

A few minutes back, our regular vegetable seller called my wife from the road. My wife went to our balcony, looked at her open cart, picked the vegetables she needs, negotiated the price and mentioned the quantity for each. She even did some quality checks by rejecting some pieces of vegetables which were not looking good.

Once this is done, the vegetable seller sent her son with the vegetables and the UIP QR Code for payment. Doorstep Delivery and payment were done in 1.5 minutes flat, much faster than all those “10-minute delivery apps”.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

When I told my wife that she and the vegetable vendor have successfully reverse-engineered popular grocery delivery apps and created their own simple process, she smiled and told me that their process is actually better than those apps.


‘If the product is bad, I can send it back immediately and get a replacement. No need to call the call centre, no need to wait for a day or two for return pickup.’

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