Sitting on Your Hands

When Kids learn Chess, they are encouraged to play while sitting on their hands. It might appear awkward, but it serves an important purpose.

Young chess practitioners often make the first move that comes to their mind. However, it may not be the best move in the given circumstances. They might find a better move if they spend an additional 30 seconds thinking. Yet, their fingers move quickly as soon as they come up with a move that feels right. Afterward, it is too late to correct.

That’s the pain point that this seemingly unpolished trick addresses. When your hands are not near the chess board, there is a small extra effort required to move them closer to the board before you can move any chess piece. This slight resistance helps kids learn to think more before acting or committing. After practicing this for a few years, it becomes natural, and they don’t have to physically sit on their hands. Thoughtful consideration before reacting becomes an automatic habit.

I believe this is a useful technique that we can apply anywhere, especially when reading emails or slack messages!


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